Hello everyone,

I just received an email from “Facebook” confirming I changed my password.

Funny enough, I had just logged on less than 4 minutes before seeing this email so I didn’t even bother opening the email before marking it as SPAM.


Don't let them take your money. It makes the puppy cry!
Don’t let them take your money. It makes the puppy cry!


I am SO ANGRY and FRUSTRATED right now!!! I was nearing the end of a (in my opinion) GREAT blog post when, all of a sudden, the power went out. Despite my usually tried-and-true method of having my fingers and toes crossed, I lost the entire post!

WordPress….for those of us who neglect to click on the “Save” button and rely on the assumption of the auto-save feature on MS Office products, I wonder if it’s possible to create that option?

For now, I am trying to let go of these feelings about losing the post by telling myself “If it’s gone, it was never meant to be created in the first place.” It’s working………right?

It isn't working!!!!!!
                  It isn’t working!!!!!!

WordPress themes

WordPress has many theme options. Personally I have used 2 since creating my blog.

Do you change your theme once your blog is established? If so, do you choose a dramatic change or one that is similar to what you have but with an updated feel?

I am feeling the need for a change but am looking for some advice on making a change like that. Not that I am The Gap or anything where the potential impact on my brand rides on the design of my logo/blog, but I am concerned of the happiness of you, my wonderful reader.

Any comments are appreciated and any suggestions on themes would be great!

Are you the left, or the right shark?

Which shark are you?
Which shark are you?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I am guessing you have heard of the now famous Left Shark from the Super Bowl halftime show (Yes, the shark. Who the heck is Katy Perry?) If you haven’t seen it yet, visit YouTube (the link is timed to start with the sharks) Personally, my favorite move is Left Shark slapping himself in the face (@4:07)

Are you the Right Shark? The one who follows the choreography exactly, doesn’t make mistakes and acts perfect? or;

Are you the Left Shark? Not afraid to break the mold and create your own identity?

I would love to hear your comments below!


Like most websites, I am required to sign in or create an account if I want to engage in discussions or posts. I want to know why do the permissions include the ability to “Manage your Contacts”?

I don’t fully understand the requirement to even “view” my contacts but the word Manage concerns me. With this particular site, I chose not to accept the terms, therefore I am unable to engage the way I would like to on common interests.

Why do you need to Manage my contacts?
                                 Why do you need to Manage my contacts?

How do you feel about this?

Does my resume even matter?

Back in November I wrote a post entitled A job search can be humorous and I am wondering; does my resume even matter anymore?

It seems that, no matter how you format your resume or what the content, job seekers cannot seem to avoid the “Are you still seeking a new and rewarding career?” (translates to “Would you like to sell insurance to people who can’t afford it? Work 16-18 hour days for 6 months at NO PAY, give us $85-$150 you probably don’t have because you are unemployed to learn our product which you won’t recover for at least those 6 months, OH….AND the potential of your leads vanishing from the database is a known occurrence…”) or the “WORK FROM HOME!! I EARN $6,000 A WEEK! TRUST ME! THIS IS IT!” scams that are running rampant in our emails or, worse, bothered on our phones.

I have yet to find a way to block the calls or successfully “unsubscribe” from the emails and, frankly, it’s discouraging to skilled, employable and VALUABLE candidates.

While it’s hard to ignore, and challenging to keep from being annoyed and discouraged, have faith. As long as you are diligent, stick to your guns, and remind yourself you ARE valuable and you WILL find a fit, you WILL. I believe in all of us. (Except the scammers. They can all suck rotten eggs)